Vision & Mission Statement

PS 69 will provide a safe and fair environment in which the school staff, with support of parents and community, guide the children toward respecting others, understanding the varied cultures of our society, and striving for behavioral and academic excellence. All students will be prepared for a rapidly changing world and be able to access information, solve problems, think critically, make decisions and work productively with others. Ongoing communication and collaboration among classroom teachers, support staff, administration and parents will be present to produce an integrated program for all students. With this in mind, our vision is for students to become enthusiastic life-long learners and productive citizens.

The mission of Primary School 69 is to provide rigorous instruction to improve student learning for academic, social and emotional success for all aligned with the Framework for Great Schools. Together, we create a welcoming environment for all, including staff, students and families. Our work is grounded in collaborative, trusting, respectful relationships where all voices are valued and appreciated.